Cookie Rankin

Cookie's Signature

Cookie Rankin's early accomplishments included singing and stepdancing as one of the "Four Little Girls" with the family band.  By her early teens she was singing backup with the band at concerts as well as performing as a soloist at local weddings and other community events.

While pursuing her bachelor's degree in Theatre and Fine Arts, Cookie took classes in voice, movement and dance.  She spent two summers performing in the Cape Breton Summertime Revue and one with the Historic Feast in Prince Edward Island.

A year after her graduation, Cookie began performing full-time with The Rankin Family.

"When you think of it, just doing music is a dream come's not something that comes easily (but) I just couldn't imagine myself doing anything else."

Where to Hear Cookie Sing Lead:

Mo Run Geal Dileas (My Faithful Fair One)
Borders & Time
Maybe You're Right
The River

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