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"Celtic Tides - Traditional Music in a New Age" by Martin Melhuish

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First Book Release: October 1998
ISBN Number: 1550822055
Book Label: Quarry Press
# of Pages: 256 pages

A Celtic trend is sweeping across North America. The popularity of musical artists like Enya, Loreena McKennit, Ashley MacIsaac, Sinead O'Connor and The Rankin Family indicate an unprecedented interest in the musical traditions of fabulous Ireland. Celtic Tides: Traditional Music in a New Age chronicles the influence of Old World sound on contemporary music, while profiling the careers of Celtic performers through exclusive interviews, lyrics and photographs. This is the companion volume to a CD compilation and a film documentary.

"The East Coast Ceilidh - A Look At Atlantic Canada's Music Scene" by John R. Zinck

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First Book Release: December 3, 1996
ISBN Number: 0968083668

Book Label: Vanmarkin Publications Inc.
Author: John Zinck
# of Pages: 92 pages

Abounding with profiles, pictures, discographies, and quotes, "The East Coast Ceilidh: A Look at Atlantic Canada's Music Scene" is a must if you are a fan of Atlantic Canada's Celtic roots performers. John Zinck profiles over 30 of Atlantic Canada's hottest entertainers, such as Ashley MacIsaac, The Rankin Family, The Irish Descendants, Natalie MacMaster, and Great Big Sea in this permanent legacy to the masters of east coast music. Perfect for your coffee table or office.

"A Journey in Celtic Music - Cape Breton Style" by Sheldon MacInnes

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First Book Release: 1997
ISBN Number: 0920336558
Book Label: University College of Cape Breton Press
# of Pages: 216 pages

Sheldon MacInnes's musical education began when the best fiddlers in Cape Breton gathered in his home to play with his father. A Journey in Celtic Music – Cape Breton Style is both a record of the author's life and a celebration of the rich culture behind the music. Moving from the barely organized festivals of the 1960s and 1970s to the influential Big Pond Summer Festival in the '90s, A Journey in Celtic Music looks at the past and future of Celtic music and culture in Canada.


"Oh What A Feeling: A Vital History of Canadian Music" by Martin Melhuish

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First Book Release: September 1996
ISBN Number: 1550821644
Book Label: Quarry Press
# of Pages: 208 Pages

In recent decades, Canadian musicians have become increasingly popular on the international stage. In fact, some of them are superstars, like Bryan Adams, CÚline Dion, Shania Twain, Oscar Peterson, Glenn Gould and our very own snowbird, Anne Murray. Oh What a Feeling: A Vital History of Canadian Music offers profiles of Hall of Fame members, lists of award winners, music trivia, hundreds of photographs and more. Martin Melhuish is a respected music historian, the author of Heart of Gold, and a former editor of The Record.

"The Rankin Family Album"

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Music and lyrics to the following songs that the Rankins have written:

The Ballad of Malcolm Murray
Borders and Time
Fare Thee Well Love
Fisherman's Son
Gillis Mountain
Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach
Lisa Brown
Lonely Island
Mull River Shuffle
North Country
Orangedale Whistle
Tell My Ma
Turn That Boat Around
Hull's Reel
Jack Daniel's Reel
Michael Rankin's Reel
Molly Rankin's Reel
The Weasel

First Release: 1996
Identification: CCC112
Label: Warner/Chappell Music Canada

"Rock, Rhythm and Reels" by Lee Fleming

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First Book Release: 1997
ISBN Number: 0921556659
Book Label: Ragweed Press
# of Pages:

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