Heather Rankin

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Gaelic was included in the Mabou educational curriculum when Heather Rankin was in grade school.  Although the Rankins have always sung some Gaelic songs, she introduced more from those she learned while singing with the group Caileagan Mhabou (Gaelic for Girls of Mabou).

In addition to her singing, piano playing and figure skating, Heather was keenly interested in the theatre.  In her teens she was part of a local amateur theatre group and participated in various workshops.  This was topped off by a trip to Scotland for a session with the Highland Youth Theatre.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Theatre and Fine Arts from Acadia University, Heather considered an acting career but put it aside to begin performing with her brothers and sisters.

Heather is recognized for her interaction with the crowd and says, "I like making people laugh...(and) getting them relaxed enough to sing along - just communicating with them..."

Where to Hear Heather Sing Lead:

Fisherman's Son
North Country
Endless Seasons

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