John Morris Rankin

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Tribute to John Morris Rankin

John Morris Rankin, pianist and fiddler, began his musical career at age eight when the family bought its first piano.  Soon after, he accompanied his brothers and sisters in their first family concert at Whycocomagh, Cape Breton Island.

His fiddle playing began a year later when their father brought home a one string fiddle.  John Morris was originally a self-taught musician, learning many of his fiddle tunes by ear from other fiddlers while accompanying them on piano.

In the intervening years, John Morris played bass with the family band, switching to fiddle for the square dancing.  He also fiddled across Canada, including a stint at Expo '86 in Vancouver.

On the "Mabou Jig" tour, John Morris retired as bassist to concentrate on keyboards and fiddle.  He modestly refers to his role in The Rankin Family as "just backup...helping with arrangements and chipping in wherever I can."

Where to Hear John Morris Play Lead:

Twin Fiddle Medley
You Feel The Same Way Too (Fiddle Break with Howie MacDonald)
Piano Medley ("Rankin Family" CD)

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